Mission of Champaign West

To serve by: Providing our members opportunities for friendship, fellowship, and personal growth Responding to the needs of the youth of our community Improving the greater world community through individual and club support of Rotary International programs.

Club Constitution (2013)

Club Bylaws (2013) 


Vision  of Champaign West

To be an exemplary Rotary Club, recognized for outstanding service and for providing an environment for the enhancement of fellowship and personal development. 


The Board 

The 2023-2024 Board meets the last Tuesday of the month from 7:15-8:15 a.m.


Club Committees, Roles & Chairs 




Charities Allocations  
Charities Inc  
Community Service Angie Marker & Sarah Marshky
Fellowship / Social Mike Hirschi
Football Guessing  
Foundation Mike Hirschi
International Service Kimberly Hubbard & Greg Gonda
Membership Susan Jepsen
Mentoring & Engagement

Sarah Marshky (Chair), Greg Gonda, Eric Robeson, Bruce Knight, Carol Zuhone

Mini-Teller Charlie Crawmer, Richard Riggs, Mary Ann Royse, Kirby Vandivort, Tim Borbely, Kenton Elmore, Emily Cross Vayr
Music Ernie Hoffman
Poinsettia Sales Susan Jepsen
Polio Kenton Elmore
Programs Gene Wurth & Carolyn Maille-Petersen
Public Relations Salvo Rodriguez, Emily Cross Vayr, Eric Robeson, Paula Santiago, Laura Weis
Social Media Eric Robeson, Salvo Rodriquez, Paula Santiago, Emily Cross Vayr
Song Leader  
Vocational Service Paula Santiago
Website Help & Updates Nick Voss & Mike Hirschi
Youth Service Interact: Cassie Carroll
Rotaract: Nick Voss
Youth Exchange Brad Bengston


Charter Members

 Barry Barker   Doug Davis     Ray Lytle   Ken Sensenbrenner
 Barry Brindley   Sam Erwin   Randy Moore   Dennis Sullivan
 Dave Bruder   Jim Esslingerf   Jim Piercy   Bob Todd
 Joe Burden   Ed Hynds   Bernie Quick   Leland Warmoth
 Gene Crooks   Gordon Kemper   John Remsen   Henry Warner
 Denny Dahl                  Gary Leitz    Don Saegesser   Rick Wilberg
        Eric Worner


Honorary Members

 Erlan Batyrbekov   Ernie Hoffman   Arthur J. Skelton   Jimmy Williams
 Richard H. Foley   Frank D. Keck   Ray Lytle   Dago Zalaya
 Art Warren   William Muirheid   Jim Lyons   Mary Ann Royse


Past Presidents

1978-79  Randy Moore 1993-94  Skip Binch 2008-09  Eric Robeson
1979-80  Donald S. Saegesser 1994-95  Fred Ruckman 2009-10  Jon Rector
1980-81  Dennis A. Dahl 1995-96  Mary McGrath 2010-11  Bob Scully
1981-82  James W. Piercy 1996-97  Art Warren 2011-12  Kim Martin
1982-83  Edward J. Hynds, Jr. 1997-98  Bruce Knight 2012-13  Tom Hodson
1983-84  Dennis E. Lewis                1998-99  Anita Broeren 2013-14  Christie Martin
1984-85  Anthony R. Ackerman 1999-00  Mark Dixon 2014-15  Jane Solon
1985-86  John M. Remsen, Jr. 2000-01  Steve Whitsitt 2015-16  Mike Hirschi
1986-87  Mark O. Thorsby 2001-02  Dan Crawmer  2016-17 Ellen Schmidt
1987-88  David B. Piper 2002-03  Greg Gonda  2017-2018 Dan Baker
1988-89  Bill Muirheid 2003-04  Kevin Yonce  2018-2019 Cathy Rector
1989-90  Thomas B. Jordan 2004-05  Mark Ballard  2019-2020 Susan Jepsen
1990-91  Tom Murphy 2005-06  Mary Ann Royse  2020-2021 Christine Nevitt
1991-92  Dennis R. McMillan 2006-07  Debbie Hirschi  2021-2022 Nestor Ramirez
1992-93  Bill Acheson 2007-08  Eileen Prillaman  2022-2023 Kenton Elmore


Kevin W. Yonce Award for Rotarian of the Year Recipients


   1981  Mark Thorsby 1997  Ernie Hoffman 2013  Susan Jepsen
   1982  Rich Ruthenberg 1998  Jim Williams 2014  Joni Utnage
   1983  Don Armstrong 1999  Ray Lytle 2015  Chad Hoffman
   1984  Bill Muirheid 2000  Nestor Ramirez 2016 Isak Griffiths
   1985  Bob Scully 2001  Kevin Yonce 2017 Christine Nevitt
   1986  Gil Brinkmeyer                2002  Eric Robeson 2018 Nick Voss
   1987  Bernie Quick 2003  Ellen Schmidt 2019 Larry Kanfer
   1988  Ed Harvey 2004  Danielia Rasmussen 2020 Jackie Hohn
   1989  Fred Ruckman 2005  Glenn Stanko 2021 Gene Wurth
   1990  Bill Amacher 2006  Mark Ballard 2022 AJ Thoma
   1991  Skip Binch 2007  Pete Tomaras 2023 Mike Hirschi
   1992  Jim Williams 2008  Barb Burch  
   1993  Tom Jordan 2009  Jane Solon  
   1994  Jeff Elliott 2010  Christie Martin  
   1995  Art Warren 2011  Sarah Marshky  
   1996  Anita Broeren 2012  Cathy Rector  


Rookie of the Year Recipients


   1987 Van Dukeman 2001  Barb Burch 2015  Christine Nevitt
   1988 Bill Acheson 2002  Hilary Heustis 2016 Troy Courson (co-)
   1989 Cathy Emanuel 2003  Christie Martin 2016 Kay Greene (co-)
   1990 Nancy Byrne 2004  Tammy Lemke 2017 Susan Griffiths
   1991 Jeff Elliott 2005  Stacey Robbins 2018 Salvo Rodriquez
   1992 ----- 2006  John Clausen 2019 Steven Johnson (co-)
   1993 ----- 2007  Rachael Wright 2019 Emily Cross Vayr (co-)
   1994 Anita Broeren 2008  Mike Hirschi  2020 Libby Ebelhar
   1995 Bob Overstreet 2009  Isak Griffiths 2021 Aaron Goodman
   1996 Mark Ballard 2010  Bill Walter 2022 Elizabeth Fagrell
   1997 John Kelley 2011  Steve Gardner 2023 Amanda Hummel
1998  Mary Ann Royse 2012  Lisa Mettler   
1999  Rich Mihm 2013  Amy Day   
2000  Jill Guth 2014  Christy Gibas  


Deceased Members

Dave Piper (December 1995) Edward Rawles (Nov 2014)
Morris Hunter (June 1996) Jim Williams (June 2017)
Doug Rames (June 1997) Richard Joy  (July 2017)
Mike Dill (July 2007) Dan Crawmer (May 2020)
Robert Dodd (March 2013) Jim Lyons (Sept 2020)
Ray Lytle (April 2014) Dawn VanBuskirk (July 2021)
Jim Yost (July 2014)  Gil Brinkmeyer (July 2021)





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